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New Graduate Nursing Program

Thank you for your inquiry about our New Graduate Registered Nurse Residency Program. The program will be scheduled in the Summer, and Fall of 2018. Shortly before each cohort we'll post positions on this career site. Please apply to the appropriate cohort and make sure you will have your California Registered Nurse license prior to the anticipated program start.


  • Cohort #3: August, 2018
    License needed by July 31, 2018

  • Cohort #4: October, 2018
    License needed by October 15, 2018

Each posting will be open for four to five days. Will take the first 200 candidates that apply to the position.

Please set-up a job alert that will notify you when we post the position. Our Program Guidelines The Graduate Nurse Residency Program is a full-time employment opportunity that requires your two-year commitment with a signed, written contractual agreement. The Graduate Nurse Residency Program consists of 14 weeks of preceptor and didactic training in a medical/surgical unit, followed by placement to permanent assignments in medical/surgical nursing thereafter. As a member of the Program, the new Graduate Nurse will complete two weeks of general patient care, computer charting/documentation orientation, and residency skills training sessions, and then will begin 12 weeks of clinical experience. The new Graduate Nurse will work the same schedule as their Preceptor, with efforts made to accommodate their desired shift as much as possible. The didactic portion of the program consists of eight 8-hour monthly continuing education sessions. The first three sessions are given during the second week of orientation prior to commencing clinical placement. The Graduate Nurse will be eligible to apply for transfer to specialty internships or other divisions after completion of the residency program and one year of experience in their residency unit thereafter. If you are selected for an interview, you will be required to bring  a portfolio with you containing: 1) your resume, 2) academic transcripts, 3) two letters of recommendation, 4) a description of any volunteer service, and 5) an one page written essay as to “Why you selected nursing as a profession”.

Current California Registered Nurse License is required prior to starting the program, Graduate of a Bachelors of Science Nursing or Masters of Science Nursing, Basic Life Support CPR Card from the American Heart Association. ACLS required for specialty areas.

We require that you have completed a BSN or MSN program and have your RN license by each cohort in order to be eligible for this program.