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Postdoctoral Training

Cedars-Sinai recognizes the critical role of postdoctoral scientists and other junior researchers in the fulfillment of its commitment to expand the horizons of medical knowledge through biomedical research. We realize that research training is an ongoing process that continues beyond PhD/MD graduation.

Approximately 100 postdocs conduct research at Cedars-Sinai, where they receive advanced training with a faculty mentor for up to 5 years to prepare them for their next career step. Cedars-Sinai postdocs are encouraged to pursue careers in academia, industry or other research-related areas depending on their unique skills and interests, and our experienced career counselor is available to provide guidance throughout their postdoctoral training.

Cedars-Sinai is a sustaining member of the National Postdoctoral Association.



Cedars-Sinai has many exciting opportunities for postdoctoral scientists.

Postdoctoral Scientist Program

The Cedars-Sinai Postdoctoral Scientist Program provides institutional support for postdocs and their mentors (see Mission Statement). In collaboration with institutional stakeholders, including the Office of Graduate Research Education and Academic Human Resources, the program develops resources for research and career development.

Postdoc Society

The Cedars-Sinai Postdoc Society was established to foster a network of junior researchers and encourage collaboration. It is run by postdocs, for postdocs. The primary activity of the Postdoc Society is the monthly Gathering for Postdoctoral Science (GPS), which provides postdocs with opportunities to present their work and network with other postdocs. The Postdoc Society also organizes other research-related and social events.

The mission of the Cedars-Sinai Postdoctoral Scientist Program is to:

Mentor graduates with doctoral degrees, drawn from a wide range of scientific and biomedical disciplines, with the goal of furthering and optimizing their career prospects according to their unique interests and talents

Educate maturing scientists about the critical importance of creative thinking, rigorous scientific method and ethical conduct in the successful practice of research

Art of Research Image Contest

The Art of Research image contest aims to celebrate the outstanding research done by our postdoctoral fellows, while showcasing the beauty of science and research.

Gathering for Postdoctoral Science (GPS)

The monthly GPS meeting, organized by the Postdoc Society, gives Cedars-Sinai postdocs an opportunity to present their research and network with other postdocs. GPS is held on the second Monday of each month from 12:30-1:30 p.m. in the Harvey Morse Board Room. Lunch is served, and the event is open to all members of Cedars-Sinai's research community.

National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week

Every September institutions across the country, including Cedars-Sinai, celebrate the achievements and contributions of postdocs. In 2017 we opened the week with a 60-second elevator pitch contest and ended with an open house.

Malaniak Awards for Excellence in Postdoctoral Research

The Malaniak Awards are an annual competition for Cedars-Sinai postdocs involved in basic and laboratory-based translational research studies.

2017 winners:

  • Lilian Grigorian, MD, PhD
  • Magali Noval Rivas, PhD

Each won a $3,000 prize after presenting their work at the award session this year. The other finalists were Benjamin Bakondi, PhD, Justyna Kanska, PhD, and Irene van den Broek, PhD.

Cedars-Sinai Research Day

Research Day is an annual institutionwide event profiling the basic science, clinical and translational research conducted at Cedars-Sinai. Research Day, which takes place in January, consists of a plenary seminar featuring an eminent scientist, followed by a poster session to enable Cedars-Sinai postdocs, graduate students and other members of the research community to present their work. Research Day speakers: